For a website devoted to cars we do make the occasional technophobic reference to "Skynet." But can you blame us? Cars are now talking to us, telling us where to go, how fast to get there, when we should nap, and other such things. There's lots of technology we do like, but we did gulp when the Brits launched a network of communications satellites that will allow them to control robotic military units at long range. The name for their system: Skynet. But not matter how paranoid we can get, it's hard to top HammSammich's fears regarding this Google Tricycle.

Take a very close look at this contraption, fellows. When Google's computers finally become sentient and enslave all of humanity, we'll be forced to ride similar exercycles connected to generators to power the Colossal Google Servers. Obviously the gentleman in the photograph is a collaborator, performing this subservient act willfully. He cannot be trusted

Hasta la Vista... Vista.