A lot of people name their cars — Eleanor, Christine, etc. But today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Toyota that only wants to be known as mister.

Yesterday's Bonneville tank car sped to a Nice Price win - in both directions - ensuring yet another valuable plaque for its dashboard. Now we're going to leave the salt for the rice.

MR2s are like Toyotas, only with personality. Actually, the mid-enginer from the east is one of the few Toyotas to have escaped the pacific island without having its soul extracted, wasabi-infused, and served as part of the fugu platter.


This second-generation MR2 is of indeterminate year, and has had some wrenching done to make it even more MR2-ish. In fact, the MR2-ness of this car has been turned up to eleven. And if you're all about the MR2s, eleven is good. In fact, eleven is what the seller is asking for this car- eleven thousand that is.

Rocking a widebody kit - alluded to in the grammatically-challenged ad as not a replica - this car could bring to life all those fantasies you've had while alone in the bathroom with your latest copy of SCC magazine. So, if you're a ricer with the yen for midnight club madness, this might be right up your alley. The $11,000 asking price gets you said widebody, which is wrapped around such goodies as a Greddy turbo, Tein suspension, and topped off with the obligatory and stereotypical big-ass wing.

So, it's potentially fast and possibly furious, but does this Issei come with a Nice Price? While the MR2 is one of the most extroverted members of the Toyota family, it's still a Toyota, and while you may imagine yourself in it doing endless Tokyo drifts, reality and the bill for replacement rubber may hit you as hard as if you've been bogarting the Crack Pipe.

You decide!

City with a Mission Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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