This amazingly slow 1948 Divco Twin Coach took 14 hours to get to Bonneville over a 308 mile journey, making it one of the slowest vehicles on the salt, but it's also one of the coolest.

Since it's all aluminum, this Divco is in one way one of the more appropriate vehicles for this environ, though its meager powertrain makes it a counterpoint to everything here. What it lacks in horsepower it makes up tenfold in cool. How could you not love a front engine, mid-driver delivery van converted to a pseudo-RV with enough pin-ups and race car articles pinned to the walls to keep anyone busy?

So the car made the trek from Haily, Idaho to Bonneville, a total of 308 miles, with an average speed of 21.4 miles per hour and a blistering top speed of 37.5 MPH, it took 14 hours and 37 minutes. On the way the truck fouled a spark plug, burned through 2.4 quarts of oil and 3.1 quarts of trans fluid and ran out of gas just 12 miles away from the flats. That's okay though, there's no cooler observation platform anywhere on the lake bed.