One fun thing about this series is the vast quantity of big-displacement V8s built by Detroit during the second half of the 20th century. We'll never run out!

The FE was one of Ford's big sellers, manufactured from 1958 through 1976 and installed in millions of trucks, family sedans, wood-grained wagons, and U-joint-snappin', donuts-in-the-convenience-store-parking-lot Dearborn muscle. Best-known in its 352, 390, and 428 cubic inch incarnations, the FE (the acronym stood for "Ford-Edsel," trivia fans) also came in 332, 360, 361, 406, 410, and 427 cubic inch displacements. You European snobs dismissing the FE as "just another low-tech pushrod V8" can just climb back into your rusty Renault 15s and sputter off in a cloud of indignant oil smoke, because Ford built a SOHC version of the side-oiler 427 that made well over 600 horsepower... which, sadly, was never offered as an optional powerplant on the Country Squire.
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