In Eastern Europe? Looking for the baddest homemade car to rule the streets? Look no further than this F1-inspired, Škoda-based monoposto which surely can't be beat.

Carbon fiber is so unnecessarily posh. As shown by the seller of this awesome racing car, welded steel is the way to go. This car is for sale in the town of Záhony, right on the border of Hungary and Ukraine, and while you might be tempted to hit the gallery right away, do stay on for the seller’s wonderful description. I am not a translator of enough finesse to capture the full beauty of the original Hungarian but I hope you get the picture:

For sale is the custom built racing car pictured!

Its size and dimensions resemble original Formula One cars. The engine and the transmission are from a 1.0-liter Škoda 100. Engine sound can be set between normal and sporty. Bucket seat 4–6 inches from the tarmac. Up front is a 12V headlight and four parking lights. It is intended for hobby use on a closed circuit.

Experience the fantastic feeling of driving a race car!

The future owner should prepare for doing a new paintjob and fitting four new wide tires. With a little work this can be turned into a fabulous machine

Before you dismiss that 1.0-liter engine, remember that for five years between 1961 and 1965, Formula One cars had engines of but 1.5 liters. If they were good enough for Phil Hill, Graham Hill, Jimmy Clark and John Surtees to win world championships, a thousand cc’s of Škoda power should be enough for you, shouldn’t it?

Convinced? Hit this link and have $1300 ready.

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