We love the AMG Hammer and its 6.0-liter AMG-tuned V8. This means we love this Mercedes 300 wagon converted into a Hammer wagon that much more.

This Hammer conversion has the same 375 HP V8 under hood, but with seating for seven and just 27,000 miles. Given that we've seen these get offered for upwards of $50K with such low mileage, the asking price of just $25,000 seems to be more than reasonable when you consider the engine was worked over by a mechanic we're told, could "be on Mars, with one arm, and blind, and still be better than most of the engine builders out there."


Unfortunately, no one purchased the vehicle and the auction ended without a single bid. Perhaps this can be a fortunate occasion for some lucky bidder? The guy's email address is still on the page if someone is interested...

[eBay Motors via The Car Lounge]