There's no shame in wearing the jersey of your favorite team the day after they lose. The real shame is in passing up an opportunity to throw on that Notre Dame cap because of your embarrassment. Every day half the teams going out on the baseball diamond lose — more than that on those days when the Nationals play. If you're not willing to fly the flag when your team is losing, we don't believe you deserve to fly it at all. The same goes for cars. If you're going to enjoy a car, even a PT Cruiser or Caliber, at least fly the flag proudly like UglyDuckCar.

An acquaintance of mine has a convertible one that's heavily modified. It's pushing somewhere a little bit past 300 whp which I'm amazed that the drivetrain can even handle it. It may not be jalop to you but I get this vibe from it, a "I don't care what you think, I'm just balls crazy car" kind of vibe.

I guess when we team together (caliber and pt cruiser convertible) we're the most jalop hated car buddies on the road :D

It could be worse, you could be driving Sebrings.