Starting in the 1930s, Zoltan Glass followed Mercedes, Auto Union and other makes to tracks like the Nurburgring and Avus circuit, capturing some of the most famous cars and racers of all time. Moderately NSFW gallery of his work below.

Born in Budapest, Glass started work as a cartoonist and retoucher. In 1931 he moved to Berlin where he became an established photographer. Always a fan of racing, Glass became best known for his officially comissioned pictures of Mercedes racing cars.

In 1938 Glass fled Germany for London, where he took on fashion and nude photography. [via Science and Society]

Mercedes-Benz W25 GP coupe racing car, 1934.

Manfred von Brauchitsch with Mercedes racing car, Berlin, 1933.

Mercedes-Benz being transported onto a ship by crane, 1934.

Nude model and Mercedes wing-door car, c 1961.

Mechanics working on a Mercedes-Benz racing car, Berlin, 1934.

W25 GP coupe racing car and Mercedes-Benz special roadster, 1934.

Mercedez-Benz W25 on the starting grid at Nurburgring racetrack, 1934.

Couple drinking beer, c 1950s

Roger Moore, Silvercrin advert, c 1950.

Bugatti Type 53 racing car being driven along a race track, Germany, 1930s.

Mercedes-Benz sK racing car, Nurburgring, 1931.

Mercedes-Benz W25 GP display racing car, Germany, 1930s.

Suspension and wheel of Auto-Union V16 racing car, Germany, 1930s.

Auto-Union V16 racing car engine, Germany, 1935-1937.

Couple with a Stoewer saloon car, Germany, 1930s.

Battilana in an Alfa Romeo Monza racing car, Nurburgring, 1930s.

Nazi salutes at a motor racing track, Germany, 1930s.

Mercedes-Benz convertible, and swastika on Junkers tailplane, 1930s.

Achille Varzi beside a Bugatti Type 51 racing car, Germany, c 1931.

Louis Chiron at the wheel of his Bugatti racing car, Berlin, 1933.

Racing driver smoking a cigarette, Germany, c 1935.

Louis Chiron in his Bugatti, Nurburgring, Germany, 1932.

Gerhard Macher in his DKW racing car, AVUS race track, Berlin, 1933.

A swastika-wearing driver of a motor racing car, Germany, c 1934.

Front wheel of a 1911 Auto-Union racing car, c 1934-1935.

Mercedes-Benz W25 GP racing car covered with cloth, Nurburgring start area, 1934.

Reporter typing in a BMW convertible, Paris, 1934.

Model reclining in Mercedes wing-door car, c 1961.