We generally abhor the idea of the Cash For Clunkers program destroying good cars, but there are a few cars we'd like to see off the road. Is there any clunker you'd happily see destroyed?

If really pressed on this we'd go with the early second generation Ford Explorers, of which there are too many to count on the roads. A 2WD V6 Explorer gets an unimpressive 16 MPG and thus qualifies to be traded in for a lot of vehicles. It's not particularly fun to drive. They aren't the safest cars ever built. They don't off-road well. They suck gas. And, most importantly, It represents the SUV-crazed, road-raging, talking-on-the-phone-whilst-driving, PTA-meeting-hosting soccer mom and her suburban outrage. We'd be happy to never have to see another one again.

You got one that's better?

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Toby Talbot