Remember the Bentley GTZ Zagato from the 2008 Geneva Auto Show? Well, now, thanks to Craigslist, it could be auto showing in your driveway.

Based on the Continental GT Speed, the GTZ offered a more pronounced overbite than the standard car, as well as more jewel-like light clusters. And now it has found its way to the city by the bay. Representing the ultimate aspiration of European unity - an Italian body draping the German/English underpinnings - the sliver over forest Zagato maintains the standard car's hoontastic 6.0 litre W12, which should be good for near 200 mph trips to the Gray Poupon concessionaire.


While the plebian Continental GT will set one back a mere $179,200, the asking price of this stile infuso version is a cool 1.3 million.

That means it might be time to start scrounging between the sofa cushions for loose change if this Bentley floats your boat. And hey, they're accepting trade-ins!

Check it out here or over here if somebody has already snapped it up. Hat tip to j money!

The grill is changed, and the corner lights are frenched in.

The rear received the most attention (as you would expect from the Italians) with a rounder boot and more shallow backlight. The traditional double bubble is there too.

Interior upgrades include special upholstery and dash trim.