Located just across from Iran, the nearly-completed Ferrari World Theme Park sits on Abu Dhabi's largest natural island. In addition to the "usual" theme park rides, it will host this year's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Work only began on the 4,200 acre facility in November, 2007, but as things have a way of doing in the UAE, work is progressing incredibly rapidly. Ferrari World is scheduled for completion this November. Hit next to find out what to expect from "Ferrari World" and a shot-by-shot look at the build process from Sarlacc pit-like sand trap to prancing stallion princess castle!

The park will feature driving-instruction courses for children and adults, a Six Flags-style amusement park, high-tech theaters and a racing circuit that F1 race circuit. As you can see, the full effect is more space port than amusement park.

These images are in order from October 2007, progressing all the way to a rendered version of the completed Tifosi's wet dream. [Carzi via 0-60]


October, 2007.

February, 2008.


May, 2008.

July, 2008.


September, 2008.

November, 2008.


January, 2009.

March, 2009.


Complete rendering.