This is incredibly painful. A kid in his dad's beautiful '69 Camaro lost control and crashed after a 370' burnout on public streets. We'd trade a thousand wrecked Transformers Edition Camaros for this not to happen.

According to the post on BangShift forums, the 1969 Chevy Camaro was piloted by a 17 year old who decided to take dad's car out for some tire roasting. He made it through first and second while roasting the tires, but in third he lost control and planted it in a neighbors yard. Total damage: $30,000. When police arrived, he claimed the clutch stuck at 25 MPH and things got out of control. If you know how a manual transmission works, that makes as much sense as Cerberus buying Chrysler. He was issued a wreckless driving ticket for his bad deeds and dad's insurance company decided to drop him. He got off light from our perspective. (Thanks for the tip Brian) [BangShift Forums]