These are the first sketches of the 2010 Chevy Agile โ€” South America's answer to the Ford Fiesta. And, like FoMoCo's econobox, we may actually see this little guy โ€” or its underpinnings โ€” head stateside. Full gallery below.

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Judging by the drawings, the Agile appears to be the road-going, five-door hatchback version of the Chevrolet GPiX crossover coupe concept study revealed at last year's Sao Paulo International Auto Show in Brazil. (continued...)

Making use of its new "Viva" platform originally developed for Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, production of the Agile is scheduled to begin this fall at the company's Rosario plant in Argentina with sales in South America pegged to start before the end of the year.


GM hasn't released any technical specifications on the Agile, but we're told we should expect a wide range of 4-cylinder engines


And yes, the Agile may form the base for Chevrolet's U.S. market small hatchback the automaker plans to build in Michigan in 2011. But of course, the smaller Spark is also a possible candidate. Time will tell on that decision, however. [via Carscoop]