Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Are you jonesing for a real β€˜70s car chase? Well, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate will help you be the bandit, good buddy, but it may leave you feeling a bit blue.

Yesterday we dragged Johnny Cash through the bondo-crusted mud and came away with 79% of you wanting to give that crazy cavalier a life sentence. Today, we're going to look at something with a bird on its hood.

Nineteen seventy seven was a grand year to be alive- Jimmy Carter made passivity hip, CHiPs lit up TV screens from coast to coast, and a little film called Smokey and the Bandit made movie-going fun again. While Burt Reynolds method-acted his way through this high-octane comedy, his Pontiac-powered costar stole the limelight. The black and gold Firebird Trans Am evaded a regional stereotype-playing Jackie Gleason, and fulfilled the testosterone-fueled fantasies of many an American male that year, with its daring deeds of constable consternation.

What we have here is a '77 Trans Am, however not in the black and gold of the film car. No, this one is blue and gold, and also lacks the desirable T-tops, denying your lady friends the opportunity to air out their chesticles in homage to Sally Field's bug-catching stunt work.


The seller, who is asking a bandit-like $12,000 for the screaming chicken-emblazoned coupe, claims that the rebuilt motor is rocking 400bhp. That is more than likely a typo- as the the T/A 400 cid engine was rated was at a more modest 200 bhp, but that didn't stop Burt from jumping his over that moleberry bridge! Yee-haw!

With 68,745 built in '77, the Trans Am isn't a rare Pontiac, but that just means parts availability should be pretty painless, and you'll never be wanting for friends at the Pontiac car shows. And you'll want to drive this bird to those shows because Pontiac's advertising of the time claimed it had precise, sports car handling and outstanding road performance. Here, see for yourself:


So, it's not going to fully fulfill your Burt Reynolds fetish, but it will keep that Pontiac flame alive, at least in your garage. And for only $12,000. What do you think, is it worth that to keep smokey at bay? Or is Buford T. Justice doling out the Crack Pipe along with the speeding tickets?

You decide!


Orlando Craigslist or go here if the ad jumps a creek. Hat tip to engineerd!

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