We had to rush off to do some research after discovering this outrageous drag racer ready for show at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance. The answer? It's Tom McEwan's 1967 Ford Super Mustang, and it's really cool.

The Super Mustang was actually a collaboration between McEwan and Ford Motor Company and it's nothing if not jaw-droppingly cool. What's funny about the car is it's essentially traditional mechanical construction for dragsters of the era. A monster motor sits ahead of the driver, who sits with his legs over the rear axle. What's unique is the all-fiberglass and plexi streamlined body with a Mustang logo in a plexi-bubble up front to let everyone know it's quite obviously all Ford Mustang underneath, or at least was a great marketing tool. If you want the absolute whole story on the car and have stacks of vintage Car Craft's laying around, check out the April 1967 edition, it's the cover story.