Spoilers and wings are designed to adjust a vehicle's aerodynamics to improve performance. More often than not they're just there to be ugly. What's the best, which is also probably the worst, rear spoiler of all time?

On one hand, the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth's wing is awesome. The split design allowed the car to travel at speeds above at 190 MPH, important for what was then Ford Europe's reenrty into the world of performance vehicles. It's iconic Cosworth and can be found on the equally awesome Escort RS Cosworth. However, it's sort of ridiculous. The wing that cuts right across the sight-line. It's attached to the middle of the rear window. There's also a lip spoiler at the bottom. It's great. It's awful. It's the curse and the blessing of the peculiar aerodynamic solution.

Someone's got to have something worse, but as usual, we'd prefer you show us the pics or else it didn't happen.

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Photo Credit: dcisko @ flickr