The leadership struggle in Honduras has been fairly bloodless, but it doesn't mean supporters of ousted President Zelaya won't take out their aggression on poorly-disguised police vehicles trying to infiltrate a rally. Here's the story of one such incident.

As you can see from the photos, two plainclothes state police representatives were attempting to get closer to a funeral/protest rally when someone noticed the two had National Direction of Criminal Investigations uniforms in their vehicles, as well as a shiny new truck.

If you hit "next" you can follow along and observe the right way to torch a vehicle without harming anyone.

Step One: Identify the representatives of the state and safely remove them from the vehicle.


Step Two: Move the vehicle, in this case a new Mazda truck, over to a ditch so as not to block the road.

Step Three: Trucks burn better upside down, plus it makes for a better photo. Also, notice how the protesters are lifting with their knees. Good form.


Step Four: You should always protect your face from flying debris, like this gentleman.


Step Five: When pouring combustibles on the vehicle always make sure to keep a safe distance, like these two young ladies.

Step Six: Celebrate by taking a photo for the international press. Remember, AFP and AP broadcast to the world.


Photo Credit: YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images