The industrious American is often found outside the shining seas. Rarely open to new experiences, they tend to bring little bits of home with them, including the comfort of an automobile. What American car would you take abroad?

The Aztecs conquered new lands with the spear, the Spanish with steel, and the British with gunpowder. Americans conquer with film and television. In that vein, as ambassadors of our beloved home country, we'd bring something universally familiar as representing the U.S.A. One could argue the most familiar vehicles are the Jeep/Humvee, but we're going for something less colonial and more culturally imperialistic. We'd prefer an older car because of the ability to improvise parts from, say, an old GAZ truck if you're trapped in Siberia. Thus, the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500. Everyone recognizes the Mustang as the best of America. and unlike later Shelbys, the 1967 is the most Mustang-like in appearance.

You'd want something like a Shelby because everyone expects American muscle to have the grunt to match, which isn't something you're going to get from the classic straight-six 'Stang. You could trade up to a KR, which has even more power, but then you're risking a rare and expensive piece of motoring history.

The GT500 is the best of all worlds. There's enough room to carry your gear, enough grunt to get you out of harm's way, and enough sex appeal to assure you'll have the right company to practice one-on-one diplomacy with the locals.

You got something better?

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Photo Credit: Maharajah-of-the-Road