Hurricane Custom Billiards makes some of the wildest pool tables out there, including this just-completed car-themed table for Unique Whips star Will Castro. How much? Let's just say their off-the-shelf tables start at $35,000.

In case you aren't familiar, Will Castro is the front man at Unique Autosports, the shop featured in the Speed TV show "Unique Whips." With that much publicity for his shop we're assuming he's sitting on a healthy pile of coin these days and ordered this one-off pool table from the fellows at Hurricane Custom Billiards. The table features a set of giant chrome wheels, brake rotors, a set of exhaust tips opposite the ball pocket and leather upholstery to go along with the custom everything else. If you want to see it and you're in the Miami area, you can drop by Unique South's showroom, where it sits for all to ogle. Since Hurricane's other models come with a starting price of $35,000, we're assuming this custom one-off is expensive enough for us to not want to know the total damage. (Thanks for the tip Keith)
[Hurricane Billiards]