The Corvette-based limited edition SV 9 Competizione wants desperately to emulate an Alfa Romeo 8C Competzione with its carbon fibered re-skin. American V8 grunt mixed with Italian sensuality? How could it possibly go wrong?

Limited to just 1000 units, the SV Motor Company SV 9 Competizione appears to be one of the more mature Italian-emulating Corvette 'kit' cars in the CG renders below, but appearances can be somewhat deceiving. While there's no questioning what lust object inspired the SV 9's designer, upon closer inspection we notice the design is lacking a tad in its execution.

The headlamps look as if they've been grabbed under the cloak of darkness from Alfa's parts bin and though the front fascia design is simplistic in its execution, we can't help but feel that there's a cancerous mass hanging off the front. Images of Jim Henson muppets immediately come to mind. Other oddities include a haphazardly sliced hood cutline on the front wing and the strange 'vent' that it awkwardly avoids as well as the faux quarter glass that appears to be painted in a similar fashion to the recently debuted Jaguar XJ's C-pillar. Thankfully, things start to get better once you turn her around. The rear design, while lacking in supple curves and a bit on the generic side of the design spectrum, is actually the nicest element of the car. The removal of the inner-most lamp from the base Corvette tail and the outboard exhaust helps to visually widen the rear as well as give it a distinctive 8C-derived look.


Powering the nearly $100k SV 9, is the base Corvette's LS3 V8, though power has been increased from 436 to 450 horsepower thanks to a revised intake and ANSA-tuned exhaust. With a 3085 lb carbon fibered body, the SV 9 is estimated to accelerate to 60 mph in 4 seconds and run the 1320 in 12 seconds flat.

SV Motors offers a full customization program with 25 unique exterior hues and various interior trim options to guarantee you won't see another car quite like yours, but with only 1000 being produced we're sure the chances of a run-in are about as likely as catching a cab during NYC rush hour. The first production SV 9 is expected to be revealed this weekend, with a public debut to occur on August 14 at the Concorso Italiano in Monterey.

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