The dream of a small, affordable and fun mini car is as old as the dream of the automobile itself. The original Mini may be the most famous, but there are other sporty, convertible and even amphibious classic mini cars.

All of these mini cars were on display at the Art Center Car Classic at the Art Center College in Pasadena. Thanks to Mike Levine at for snapping these photos and information for us. Click next to see the first classic mini car.

Goggomobil Dart
Year Built: 1959
Country Of Origin: Australia
History: Based on a German mini car but with Australian design, the Dart was a minor success. The one pictured here is one of the with a driver's-side door.

BMW Isetta
Year Built: 1956
Country Of Origin: Germany
History: The BMW Isetta was the company's first successful post war vehicle. Based on the Iso Isetta, the BMW version used all new parts, including a 300 cc motorcycle engine. This cabriolet is only one of 32 ever produced out of a total of 42,000 vehicles.

Crosley Convertible
Year Built: 1939
Country Of Origin: U.S.A.
History: The Crosley Convertible could be had at department stores for just around $325, which now won't even get you a Dyson vacuum cleaner at a Sears.

Crosley Super-Deluxe Speed
Year Built: 1947
Country Of Origin: U.S.A.
History: You can see just how far the Crosley company went, or didn't go, in terms of design after the war. Compared to the previous mini car, the Crosley added a peppier SOHC engine and features such as disc brakes. The overall small-on-size look remained.

Mazda R360 Coupe
Year Built: 1964
Country Of Origin: Japan
History: Before the Kei Car the Japanese still built small cars, like this Mazda, but they just didn't use the term (nor did they adorn them with Hello Kitty stickers). This small rear-engined, RWD vehicle was a hit when it debuted in Japan.

Year Built: 1962
Country Of Origin: U.S.A.
History: As opposed to merely a bubble car, the Rotar was designed by Ed Roth to ride on a cushion of air created by two Triumph motorcycle engines. Impractical? Yes. Awesome? Do you have to ask?

VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen
Year Built: 1944
Country Of Origin: Germany
History: The Schwimmwagen is essentially a little VW beetle designed to be amphibious. Utilized in WW2, the 4WD wagen uses an air-cooled boxer engine and screw-type propeller to move across all obstacles. With over 15,000 made, it's the most mass-produced amphibious car ever.