With a 1990 Chrysler TC By Maserati yesterday, the only possible DOTS choice for today must be The General's TC killer: Reatta!

Some might say that the Cadillac Allanté was the TC's true competition, since both cars involved a lot of very expensive shipping between Detroit and Italy. I couldn't find an Allanté on the island- though I'm sure there must be a couple here- and in any case the Reatta's sticker price of $26,700 was much closer to the TC's $35,500 cost than to the Allanté's $57,183 price tag.

The Reatta was based on the same platform as the Allanté, and it came with the same super-futuristic touch-screen computer interface as the Riviera. Sadly, Buick's core buyers tended to be- how shall I put this?- mature individuals who were still getting used to the idea of newfangledly stuff like transmissions that shift for you and weren't quite ready to add the Buick Electronic Control Center to their worldview.

So, the Reatta fared poorly in the marketplace. That was pretty sad, because by all accounts the Reatta featured orders-of-magnitude-better-than-most-GM-products build quality and pretty decent performance for its day (though not quite what it would have been, had GM had a transaxle capable of handling turbocharged power at the time). This super-rare '90 convertible is one of the few of its kind left on the street, it looks to be in pretty good shape, and it's for sale! The seller wants $5,575 for it. What do you think?