Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. We've seen an Alameda Ferrari, and now we've got a Maserati!

OK, fine, some hard-to-please types don't consider the Chrysler TC By Maserati to be a true Maserati… but Allpar says it's the 'best vehicle Maserati ever made', and who can argue with the best Chrysler site in the world?

This Italianized K Car is a little rough, but it still gets plenty of street duty. While I was photographing it, a couple of teenage boys passing by assumed I was the owner and asked me how much I wanted for it. "That's a old school Maserati, dog!" one of them exclaimed. You see? If 17-year-olds think it's a Maserati, it's a Maserati!

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