The Mansory Chopster used to be a Porsche Cayenne, but there's not much left after a new 3.4" wider raw carbon fiber body with a 2.3" roof chop, 23" wheels and 710 HP. Gallery below.

The offerings from Mansory just seem to get curiouser and curiouser, this one balances curious and strangely aggressive styling. Most of the original body has been replaced by raw carbon fiber, including the hood, fenders, door skin, side skirts and spoiler with a new carbon fiber nose and hiney piece. It's not all wild bodywork though, the thing's got some performance chops too with new turbos hanging off the V8 and massaged programming good for 710 HP and 663 lb-ft of torque, it stops too with massive 16.5 inch brakes up front and 14.7 inches at the rear. The interior gets draped in carbon fiber and leather as well, but that's just gilding the madness lily. We think Mansory might do well to just rename itself "We're really flippin' crazy." [FancyTuning]