"Rod Bods Down Under" is a hot rod shop in Australia specializing in fiberglass bodied cars, including one with a gigantic hunk of Detroit metal up front. What vehicle doesn't need a GMC Twin-Six V12?

In case you aren't familiar with the Twin-Six, do your homework real quick and read up about it here, but suffice it to say the mill is a monster made of two V6's mated together through the crank for a total of 702 cubic inches. Utterly awesome. The engine is so long they actually had to stretch the frame to make the mill and its TH400 transmission fit. This is a bit of a strange engine for a rod though, as it's not exactly a speedy motor, with a redline around 2400 RPM. As a result the horsepower isn't that impressive, only around 275, but if you ever need a rod to pull stumps for you, this baby's packing a walloping 630 lb-ft at 1600 RPM. We'll take two please. (Thanks for the tip David) [Rodbods]