Whatever may or may not have been accomplished at last week's G8 Summit in Italy, this photo of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in a GEM flanked by security guards is great success. Merkel, Gaddafi, Sarkozy and other leaders looking ridiculous below.

We're obviously big fans of the GEM, a nice alternative for areas where a golf cart would look out-of-place and a car isn't ideal. The concept of a FIAT-branded one, a possible result of the FIAT/Chrysler merger, is also interesting. But it just seems so unstatesmanlike compared to Cadillac One.

Beats the hell out of trying to run next to a freaking Cadillac.

She's hoping to speed away from any surprise backrubs.

Smile for the cameras Colonol Gaddafi.

Oh, Sarkozy could make anything look stylish.

This may be one of the few Chrysler products FIAT is going to want to brand for itself.

Photos by Oli Scarff/Getty Images