If your car shares the same name as a popular brand of menthol smokes, you might as well go ahead and paint the thing to resemble a gasper pack, right? Of course!

That's what the seller of this '65 Chrysler Newport did, and now- for reasons we don't understand- he's trying to sell this gorgeous machine on eBay. If you've already got a Plymouth Belvedere painted to look like a pack of Belvedere cigarettes, then you owe it to your blackened lungs to add this Mopar to your stable. This tip comes courtesy of JC Whitless, who asked the seller "How many dead prostitutes will fit in the trunk? I need to know if it will hold more than five, as my daily commute route has changed due to carpooling" and got the helpful, if confusingly punctuated, response: "AT LEAST 10 ,,PEOPLE." There ya go!
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