The newest bull in the pen's officially named after the most legendary test driver to ever tame a rambunctious Italian beast. Meet the 550 HP, RWD Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni, a bull with a Mohawk.

Our speculation was correct yesterday, as the leaked images of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 have now turned official, although something we didn't expect occurred. Lamborghini, in a thankful and generous nod to its long-time test driver, has named the rear-wheel-drive, 550 horsepower car after Valentino Balboni. For those of you unaware of the name; shame on you. For those that do; you know the importance.


The LP550-2 will be built in a 250 unit limited production run and will undercut the all-wheel-drive LP560-4s base price at $219,800. Although the all-wheel-drive system on the standard LP560-4 is fairly rear biased, the removal of the front differential and drive system has lightened the exotic to 3,042 lbs. or 66 lbs. lighter than the LP540-4.

The suspension has been tweaked, the e-gear system re-calibrated (a standard manual is also available), the 45-percent limited slip rear differential was redeveloped and the ESP was re-tuned to allow for, as Lamborghini puts it, "greater drift angles." Sounds like a bit of fun's to be had especially when a sprint to 60 mph arrives in 3.9 seconds with a maximum speed coming in at 199 mph. Not too shabby for a "budget option" Lamborghini.

[via carscoop]