10 years, 10,000 hours and $21,000 went in to converting this 1000cc Laverda 3CL into a custom sidecar. The result looks nothing like the original bike and like nothing else on the road.

Built by François Knorreck, a French medical technician, over the course of a decade, he was inspired to create a sidecar because his old 3CL had right-hand chain drive, perfect for a straight chainline to the rear axle. [Snaefell Project via Motorbiker.org]

The headlight comes from a Kawasaki RX1000.

Taillights come from a Citroën Xantia.

The interior is handmade and can accommodate two people in comfort.

The logo is a revers "F" in a "K", François Knorreck's initials.

Three cylinders, three exhausts. The other header is on the right side of the cylinder.

Brakes are from a VW Golf GTI, wheels from an Audi 80.

One exhaust canister for each cylinder.

Doors and roof panels are hand-formed carbon fiber.

It took 63 molds to make the polyester bodywork.

Both front and rear swingarms are single-sided.