Sadly, TV Pitchman Billy Mays is dead. But before he departed this world, Billy Mays left us with a slew of gadgets designed to make car ownership a little easier. Below, a look at eight Mays-approved automotive products.

The Bug Bazooka
Sadly, this bug gun is merely part of a commercial for an splattered bug car cleaning agent. We like to think he'd have found a practical use for it eventually.

Photo Credit: Jim Damaske, St. Petersburg Times

The Ding King
It's a do-it-yourself dent and ding remover with professional results. Do you randomly swing a hammer at your car? Just dial it away using the patented "power arch." Ask Wert, he apparently owns one!

What Odor?
Does your car smell like a litter box? Spill a latté under the back seat? This mixture of 41 essential odors will have you asking "What Odor?"

Simoniz Liquid Diamond
Is waxing your car just too much time and trouble? Do people keep setting your car on fire? The motorized spray-head shines your car so nothing will destroy it. Have an old Volvo with a faded paint job? In a few minutes it's perfect.

Mighty Putty
Better than glue, cleaner than epoxy, Might Putty does it all. It'll even allow you to make car repairs on the cheap. We're pretty sure Unique Performance once made an entire house out of this.

Fix it!
Scratches have met their match! Gotta scratch? Fix it! Ding? Fix It! Cheat on your girlfriend and she keyed your car? Fix it!

Jupiter Jack
Talk and drive at the same time without using bluetooth. Essentially an FM transmitter that hooks up to your phone, it's a cheaper, if not as advanced, solution. "Hey Carla, how is Project Send Shalomi A Cannibal Hooker going?"

Tool Band-It
When two hands are not enough, we come up with the most suggestive name ever for a product that's essentially a giant magnetic armband. Take the nails out of your mouth. All your tools are within easy reach! Perfect for fixing a car.