At a Road America SCCA event, a Corvette driver was doing his thing when his hind-end swung around unexpectedly. The cause: A fire he hadn't noticed melted the tires. Slide show of the action below.

According to Matthew, our photographer for this flare up, the driver was going about his business at the SCCA June Sprints as corner operators were trying to get his attention about the whole, you know, fire business.

Everything is going along swimmingly until...

That darn corner comes up. The melted tires just can hold on any more and the car oversteers, backing through the corner and on fire. Pretty dramatic.

At this point everybody's really just along for the ride here.

Reverse lock, on fire, in traffic. That's a pretty exciting day at the track.

Driver makes note to self: When corner operators are flailing their arms when you pass, there may be a problem.

Yeah, there's no saving it now.

Backwards, on fire, reverse lock, in a corner, in traffic, that's even better.

Somewhere around this point, our driver realizes he's, you know, on fire and sets off the in-car fire suppression system.

Thankfully, nobody is injured and the race was able to go on. (Thanks for the tip and pics Matthew)