Back in the 70s, your vans with Hawaiian Sunset, Mars Base, and Aztec Sacrifice airbrush murals came a dime a dozen. Here's a custom van that must have turned some heads in its time!

Yes, that's an image of a bound and gagged woman etched into the driver's side door glass. The driver of this van must have had many lengthy discussions with members of the law enforcement community; I picture him looking exactly like the criminal silhouette on those Neighborhood Watch signs. These photos come to us courtesy of 24 Hours Of LeMons Assistant Perpetrator and BMW 2002 driver TheEastBayKid, via a lengthy chain of emails that took so long to filter down to me that the van was gone from the junkyard (located a mere 30 miles from me) by the time I heard about it.

Had it not already been fed to The Crusher, that window would now be framed, backlit, and mounted on my wall… right next to the bronze bust of Lenin that once adorned an Estonian post office.