Automakers have been turning lately to sexy older women, a.k.a "cougars," to sell their cars. These "spokescougars" appeal to jean short-wearing moms seeking to feel sexy again and men seeking experienced ladies. Our seven favorites below.

Kate Walsh
How do you top the smoky voice and unsubtle dialogue? The question is: when you turn on that famous Cadillac CTS ad, does it return the favor?

Brooke Shields
Renowned cougar Brooke Shields is, along with a talking Beetle, the voice of Volkswagen in America. She reminds women you can be sexy and still drive a Volkswagen minivan... if you look like Brooke Shields.

i-Miev Mom
Even the Japanese have gotten into the act, as evidenced by this commercial for the electric Mitsubishi i-Miev. Though maybe it's better to call her a spokesmilf?

Heidi Klum
Volkswagen has gone crazy for the German model-cum-host, using her in a variety of print and television ads, including some with her famously well-built husband Seal. Why does VW love the spokescougar so much?

Kim Cattrall
We're getting a bit sick of Kim Cattrall. Part of the fun of the spokescougar is the tease, but Cattrel pushes it too far. The proof? Her Nissan Tilda ad was pulled from New Zealand television for being too sexy.
Photo Credit: SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images

Jill Wagner "The Mercury Girl"
Everyone's favorite spokeswoman Jill Wagner was, for a while, more famous than the Mercury brand itself. Having just turned 30 she's a bit young to be a true cougar, but she gets special consideration for being the spokesperson for the brand who invented the Cougars.

Susan Lucci
When Susan Lucci first stepped out to hawk the unsexy Ford Windstar she became one of the earliest modern spokescougars.
Photo Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images

Bonus Spokescougars
Brooke Shields and Susan Lucci together? MIND EXPLOSION!
Photo Credit: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images