Sometimes cars are beyond repair, and with a French-designed V6 , those times were sudden and often for the Delorean but why anyone would leave this stainless steel steed from another time in a junkyard is beyond us.

The Delorean DMC-12 is most certainly one of the most fetishized bad cars ever built, with a wheezy Peugeot-Renault-Volvo produced 2.8 liter V6, a fiberglass monocoque chassis and incredibly heavy gullwing doors, its primary claim to fame (aside from its namesake's unlawful shenanigans) was the super cool unpainted stainless steel body work and its starring role in the Back to the Future movies. It wasn't by any sound measure a good car, just really cool, and somehow it's managed to built a cult following the NA Miata would drool over.


Which brings us to this junkyard-found DMC-12. A forumite over at DMCTalk running the screen name "MonteC" discovered the car in at a North Charleston, SC automotive purgatory missing the front clip, rear decklid and a couple fenders. Far from the fully stripped shell any car this rare should be before hitting the junkyard. It makes us wonder if the previous owner somehow didn't know John Delorean had taken SS304 stainless steel, combined it with a healthy dollop of public taxes from Northern Ireland, and made solid gold parts on the salvage market 30 years on. Those doors alone are probably worth buying the whole car under a certificate of destruction title. For the whole sordid tale check out the thread over at