This Cadillac Escalade-based Audigier VIF1 created by Christian Audigier of Von Dutch and Ed Hardy clothing line fame confuses the bejezus out of us.

We're not quite sure how we missed this one when it was released back in 2008, but we're sure it had something to do with our feeble minds not wanting to comprehend the ghastly over-designed styling and baby blue paint job. After successfully launching multiple internationally acclaimed, over-hyped clothing brands, Christian Audigier had the desire to create his very own custom luxury coach-building firm with the Audigier VIF1 representing his very first foray into custom cars.


While the exterior makes us relapse into memories of a bad Red Lobster experience, the interior is truly where it's at with the kind of luxurious appointments you'd expect to see in a chauffeured cruiser. With plenty of leather, blue-dyed suede and birds eye maple, you might be able to forget the ghastly exterior appointments. If you've got a sick desire for pain or slightly less than horrible vision, check out the gallery above. You've been properly warned.

Christian Audigier Press Release:

Based on the Cadillac Escalade chassis this V-8, 4 wheel drive, super luxury SUV has been completely redesigned from the ground up to appeal to the customer that enjoys a chauffer driven experience. Taking you from your daytime schedule into the the evening, this state-of-the-art electronic integration coupled with truly innovative re-engineering and customization make the Audigier VIF1 the flagship vehicle in the stable.

Exterior Features
• custom created paint system
• stretch rear doors and glass
• raised roof
• custom fabricated body panels
• custom nose, and grill with high intensity lighting
• custom hood and rear hatch
• 24 carat gold-plated emblems, and exhaust tips
• hand painted wheel detail

Interior Features
• 10-way custom fabricated powered captain seats with retractable leg chaise
• power folding, rear facing guest seats
• custom made leather, with embossed logos
• custom made leather with metallic silk-screened logos
• solid birds eye maple wood cabinetry, and accents
• custom dyed suede ceiling with solid birds eye maple, and a six panel glass roof backlit with white LED lights
• birds eye maple side console with ice storage
• birds eye maple side console with suede lined storage
• solid birds eye maple center console which houses: six disk alpine DVD changer, Sony Playstation 3, Apple IPod, and an Apple Mac mini 80GB computer in a powerized drawer
• storage for DVDs, video games, etc., in center console
• Motorized cigar humidor in center console
• 26" high definition flat panel TV, in motorized partition
• 29" flat panel TVs in door posts
• front and rear facing cameras
• custom AV system
• Features controlled with a digital touch panel
• Powered by a dual alternator/ battery charging system

[via ChristianAudigierMotoring]