While it's a bummer when an Enzo goes up in flames, at least a few hundred remain. Not so with this '53 Willys Aero prototype model, which suffered Death By Inept Packaging.

Not sold in the United States since 1955, the Aero is still much beloved in Brazil to this day. When you buy the plaster prototype model created by Willys during their research into a wagon version and you tell the seller to have it professionally packaged and shipped, you figure everything is OK. Right? Not so in this case, in which a UPS store apparently taped several boxes together, added bubble-wrap and peanuts, and fed the whole mess into the maw of the UPS Box Torture Track. The buyer insured it only for the purchase price, a move that has a certain failure-ness to it (with enough money, artists could be commissioned to restore the thing), and now he's very, very sad.
[Consumerist, thanks to Novaload for the tip]