The Devon GTX was supposed to be based on the Dodge Viper. Unfortunately, Scott Devon's $5.5 million bid for the Viper brand and factory was turned down. What can he use instead?

All Viper assets, including the name and production facility have been turned over to Fiat, but the Italian automaker hasn't announced any plans to continue the brand or vehicle beyond Chrysler's plan to kill it in 2011.

Right now, Devon doesn't have anything to put under the GTX's sexy bodywork. Designed by Daniel Paulin, it's heavily based on the Paulin VR concept. Expect to see a concept at Pebble Beach in August, but without the Viper platform and 8.0-liter V10 it's just a body. In order to reach production, Devon needs to find an existing platform that's already been crash-tested and certified for sale in America. Will he use a Corvette platform? What about the Panoz Esparante? What else is there? [Devon Motor Works]