One of the easier ways to judge whether a film is pre-WWII or post WWII is to look at the portrayal of women. Female characters in films from the 30s and early 1940s are typically working women with attitude. Once the war is over, and the suburban middle class life begins, women are all of a sudden wearing aprons and taking care of kids. A stark example of this can be seen in Frank Capra's films. In Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, the female lead is Jean Arthur's tough and cynical Congressional aide. After the war, Capra made It's A Wonderful Life, with the female lead opposite Jimmy Stewart relegated to the role of a housewife. It's sad, too, because some of our favorite characters were the fast talking dames of Howard Hawks films like Hildi in His Girl Friday, working in a newsroom Dearthair imagines is similar to the Jalopnik world HQ, as indicated in his comment in the Lexus HS 250h review.

Oh Ben, you had to test drive a Lexus Hybrid? I can just see how this one went down. Roy Wort sitting in his office in his newest big-boy suit, pretending to puff on a cigar, gets handed a set of keys by the obligatory white-jacketed lab assistant (who then vanishes off-screen right).

"Mother of FUCK, a Lexus! I knew all that ass-kissing I did to those Toyota execs would pay off eventually! Finally, we got a... wait, a what? An HS250h? What the fuck is that?"

Ray gets up, goes over to the window of his office on the second floor of the Gawker Central Command skyscraper, and peers out, pressing the button on the remote to try and spot the flashing lights.

"That thing? FUCK it's ugly! Someone stuck the grille from a Ford Fusion on an old Corolla! I ain't driving that. Someone send in the Intern-Boy who's supposed to be polishing my socks!"

The door opens and a timid-looking young Peon in a mismatched sweater-vest ensemble peers in. "Um, sir? Didorosi is off playing with his Fiesta, remember?"

"SHIT. I'll never talk him out of a Fiesta and into that pile of dog crap. Who else do we have?"

"Well," the peon replies carefully, "There's Pete? He's down at the bottom of the masthead..."

"Have you seen the size of that fucker? He'd crush me like a bug. Who else?"


"Good luck. You ever seen him do anything productive? He's too busy reading io9."


"Doesn't actually exist, I made him up so I could collect a second paycheck."


"Are you kidding me? You think that sexy bitch would ever let me get into those panties if I made her drive an ugly piece of shit like that?"

Nervously, the Peon realizes he's running out of options. "Wes?"

"Have you seen that ass? I can't do that to him."


"Hey... that fucker owes me money from that time I let him buy me lunch and I had to pay for my own martinis! Perfect. BEN! get your ass in here! I've got a treat for you, m'boy. I was just given a beautiful new luxury car that needs to be reviewed. It's brand new on the market, and it's jam-packed with some of the hottest new technology. This thing is guaranteed to be turning some heads on Hollywood Boulevard this year, and I'm sure every sexy young celebrity is going to want to be seen in it!"

Ben, appearing in the doorway, looks excited as he's tossed the keys. "Damn, that sounds pretty fuckin' awesome. What have we got? A Lexus? No shit! Is it the IS-F? The LS600?"

"No, my boy, better than that. Have a look out the window!"

"What? That tacky piece of shit? Goddammit, can't Hardigree do this?"

That sounds about right.