I have mixed feelings about Matthew McConaughey because we're both native Texans named Matt who went to The University of Texas and we've both been named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine (I was DQ'd because of politics). On one hand, he's a fairly underwhelming actor who seems to skate by on a mixture of good looks, rampant toplessness, and a willingness to take any part in any movie. On the other hand, numerous self parodies indicate he's aware of this and it's hard to fault someone for turning such little talent into so much money. Plus, we'll always love him as the skeezy older guy in Dazed in Confused who was inclined towards an activity described by Stoke in the Cars With Bizarre Color Names feature.

If by "Plum Crazy" you mean "Statutory Grape," then yes, absolutely.

The great thing about new cars is I keep getting older but they stay the same age.

Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images