You saw the grim future of a budget-capped Formula One. Forget that. Let's dream big: all the way to Mach 2. Designer Vincent Montreuil’s flying Ferrari concept comes with twin turbos—turbostator engines, that is.

It was bound to happen. After all, where’s the real excitement in modern Formula One? With its rev caps, engine development freezes and lack of ground effects, turbochargers and winglets.


Instead of race car standbys carbon fiber and titanium, Montreuil’s Ferrari X-Racer is made of pure unobtainium. His renderings are peppered with all sort of crazy specs, including that glowing orifice in the rear, exhaust tube for the twin turbostator engines.

They also come equipped with “Xtrem FireForce”. Whatever that is, I bet Kimi Räikkönen would like to have it installed in his underperforming F60 on a hurried schedule.

The human nervous system is perhaps not equipped to deal with race speeds in excess of twice the speed of sound. Still, we can dream. Of gung-ho drivers with genetically modified visual cortices racing across the surface of an alien planet in winged cars. If one assumes correctly from Montreuil’s sketches, one such grand prix will be held on the ice planet of Hoth.

Source: Yanko Design