The honey bee not only flies, it produces a thick wax from the glands on its body. Though we normally see wax as a yellowish material, it actually starts out as white and takes on the more cheddar cheese-colored appearance after it's mixed with pollen oil and tree sap. In order to produce wax, the average honey bee needs to consume numerous times their own weight, which means they need to fly the equivalent of six trips around the world to produce just a pound of beeswax. This is where it helps to be able to breakdown the work among numerous bees. The wax has many different purposes, ranging from the creation of candles to a coating for cheese and as a food additive. And, according to 1000songs, occasional Zipcar and iPhone users also love the stuff.

Fantastic idea. This will allow regular drivers to "control" (move out of the left lane / pass the $@#$ streetcar / turn left already - the nearest car is 20 seconds away!) the cars of the idiots who hire a Zipcar once a month to get cat food and beeswax candles.

It would be nice to be able to move them remotely just for the ideal parking spots. Photo Credit: Endless Candles