Apple announced a host of auto-centric applications and features for iPhones both new and old at yesterday's 2009 World Wide Developers Conference, ranging from driving games to TomTom toys to Zipcar control. The full spectrum of new Apple auto-erotica below.

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As previously reported, Zipcar and iPhone have hooked up to give users of both services ultimate control.

TomTom, not willing to give up market share to iPhone users, have created an app with a window mount including a built-in speaker and microphone using the iPhone's own map system. The mount even rotates horizontally — making Gizmodo's Brian Lam remark it's how he's going to be able to watch movies while driving. Kids, don't try that at home.

Gameloft's mobile racing series Asphalt gets a series of upgrades for Asphalt5, taking advantage of the latest system improvements for the iPhone.

You can race an Audi R8 from an Audi R8.

There's a new compass system for the new iPhone 3GS using the new included magnetometer, and is integrated into the new Google maps app, showing your orientation with a small semitransparent cone.

While it's not really all that car-related, you pair this with the TomTom mount or even a Belkin mount and you've got a great replacement to the little bubble-suction cup on your dashboard.

Apple's now got voice control for the iPhone and it's the perfect way for Steve Jobs to make an end run on Microsoft-powered Ford Sync.