This Ford Model A at Billetproof is the lowest vehicle we've ever seen. It's so low you can't get a foot under the frame. We're pretty sure it's being naturally clearanced. And that's just the start.

Looking over "Hell Bound" is an exercise in repeated disbelief. You can't help but shake your head and ask the question "Why?" and "How?" over and over again. Let's just lay out the things you need to notice before you fully grasp the masochistic beauty of this beast.

  • Metal tractor seats mounted directly to the frame, no springs.
  • There are air shocks on the back, but not the front, and the air tank is actually the transmission tunnel. Madness.
  • It has lights, just but none of them are actually hooked up.
  • That metal box ahead of the radiator? That's the gas tank. Not a road-tripper.
  • The velocity stacks on the carbs are brass planters with the bottoms cut out.
  • To get it so low, the front leaf spring is cut in a third and mounted directly to the top of the boxed frame, with bolted metal plates, then the shackle is welded under the axle. Wow.
  • No front brakes.
  • The horn is actually a horn.
  • The gear shifter is rotary, with a metal dial indicator, how f*$king COOL IS THAT!

This comes from a truly sick and twisted mind. We looked for the guy walking around with the bleeding ears, lock-jaw, a broken back and a cane, but we couldn't find him. What would we say anyway? "You're insane and our new hero?" Perhaps "Where's the trailer for your balls?" Who knows, but this thing hits all the right buttons.