Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

If your iPod is filled with nothing but Gucci Mane, then Nice Price or Crack Pipe has just the car to let you get up in his grill.

For a rap artist everything is larger than life- More bling, bigger booties, free rein to use the "N" word, and the need of the requisite ride exemplifying your paramountcy over the pretenders to your throne.

Today, we have a 1977 Chrysler Newport which has all the appurtenances of the rap-legend lifestyle. This bitch is 227 inches long, 4,500 pounds, and has a 7.2 liter, 185bhp anchor under the football field-sized hood. Shee-it, mo-fo, it's d' bomb. The damn thing's so big, it'll need two ZIP Codes just to park it.

Not only does it have presence, but this one is no ordinary '77 Newport- meaning not just that it isn't rotting away in a junk yard- this one has been PIMPED, dawgs! Cracker, it gots portholes in the fenders, a continental kit on its boo-tay, and a font end you would have to do a double take to tell apart from a Rolls Phantom. Not only that but its swathed in more Gucci than a Hong Kong back alley. This is the perfect vehicle for both making the scene at the latest Tyler Perry movie red carpet, or for popping a cap in the ass of a cross-label rival. And those hubs aren't just for knee-capping pedestrians, that's bling my friends.

The seller claims this is an unbelievable, all custom, one of a kind show car, and it's hard to doubt that there could be two like this. So if you can't get enough of My Kitchen, this might just be the car for you. The question is- is it $27,000 worth it?


You decide!


Houston Craigslist,dawgs, or go here if the ad gets cut down in its prime. Hat tip to Jabba Truck.

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