Now that we're done with all the BS Inspections, I can say without reservation that we've got the crappiest collection of genuinely terrible heaps we've ever seen in one LeMons race.

That's a good thing, of course, and we're eager to see how this quasi-mobile junkyard goes about disintegrating on the track in the morning (though we did have to hammer a few obvious cheaters with punitive laps). Thanks to New Orleans resident A_Strolling_Player and a few others, we had all the Mardis Gras beads, krewe medallions, and hats that we could ever imagine wanting, and the bribe haul included a giant cooler packed with the best fresh-caught steamed shrimp ever in the history of food. Tomorrow morning there will be LeMons action on the track, and tomorrow evening we'll have our first-ever experience with LeMons drag racing. After that, perhaps a trip to the French Quarter.

We'll be ready for all of it, now that we've been fortified with drive-thru daiquiris. Louisiana may well be the best place on the planet!

There's no internet access at No Problem Raceway, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow night to get updates on the race action... but I think it will be worth the wait; these clunkers are going to put on quite a show. How wretched are these heaps? Well, the demonic 4th-gen Firebird pictured above threw a rod during practice, and its team is even now searching for an engine (and I mean any engine, including stuff like 4-cylinder Nissan truck motors) to duct-tape under the hood. At least three other cars (out of 50 total) have suffered possibly catastrophic failures as well, some incurred while getting off their trailers.