Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson's no stranger to unleashing military might on passenger cars. His latest exploit appears to involve a white Evo VII.

Perhaps his greatest move in the genre was when he went medieval on a Corvette in a helicopter equipped with two miniguns. It is also the clip I post here with a significant amount of trepidation, hoping that y’all will not feel compelled to subject your crazy Euro car boy to similar treatment. Do note that I like Corvettes a great deal. Still—it’s hilarious television.


As Season 13 of Top Gear is being filmed, a set of photos have made it to the Lancer Register message board, showing soldiers, a large sand-colored military vehicle, a helicopter, and a white Evo which progresses between pictures from intact to severely damaged. The connection between these elements is not, at the moment, readily apparent.

Until further details emerge, may I suggest Top Gear’s take on a Range Rover vs. a Challenger tank or a Lotus Exige vs. an Apache helicopter gunship?

Photo Credit: Lancer Register