You think asking your super to get the freight elevator going for an apartment move is tough? Try building your own lift with a car and some rope. These Russians did just that.

Apparently buying a flat in Russia isn't quite the same experience as it is in the land of apple pie and baseball, according to English Russia you get a concrete box and not much more. Russians apparently prefer it this way as they can build up their home however they see fit, kitting out walls and fixtures and everything else in their own personal tastes. Problem is, occasionally when a new high rise gets finished, the permits for elevator installation and operation are tied up in red tape, as in this case.

Instead of standing around waiting, these enterprising Ruskies took the wheel off their car and installed a reel in its place, which has been purposed with powering a home-style external freight elevator. That right there is terrifying genius. We were just thinking, a "Russian Elevator" sounds like either a particularly intoxicating vodka-based beverage or a terrifying way to die at the hands of the KGB. [English Russia]