Wedding season's quickly approaching and if you're riding in one of these ten limos to recite your vows, start a life of baby-manufacturing and welfare-collecting, well, you might be doing Jeff Foxworthy proud.

[via photobucket, museumofhoaxes, flickr 1, flickr 2, flickr 3]

10.) Ma and Pa wanted a lakefront wedding reception so cousin Jed hooked them up.

9.) There's enough room to fit all twenty-six and a half hound dogs in this Suburban beast.

8.) This particular example brings Luigi Colani to mind. The handiwork is impeccable.

7.) This motorcycle limo is perfect for your brother/second-cousin/uncle looking to have his Kodiac chaw and not worry about having to spit into his favorite Nascar commemorative collectible cup. Dale would approve.

6.) Thanks to this lifted show of brute force, we're actually starting to wish we were rednecks.

5.) The perfect limo for when both Bo and Luke need to simultaneously marry that ultra hot cousin of theirs.

4.) Ever take that Astro-limo off any sweet jumps?

3.) Not only can you use this Dodge Ram limo to get to your reception; you can also use it for its dual-use honeymoon hotel right there in the truck bed.

2.) Monte Carlo, Nascar-liveried stretch limo... Need we say more?

1.) The ingenuity involved in building this stretched abomination truly impresses us. Is that a U-Haul truck front end?