We encounter traffic signals daily and though they might annoy us daily at times, we definitely take ours for granted. Take a peak at these 15 crazy traffic signals and let us know if you still have the same complaints.

[via allworldcars]

Location: Germany
We always knew something was up with those crazy Germans and apparently the only time to stop is for little red fairy hugs.

Location: Australia
Officially named a '14 lanterns' signal, it would officially piss us off.

Location: Germany
Again, ze crazy Germans, this time with their ultra annoyingly positive, forward thinking traffic signals.

Location: Unknown
The only execution that'll happen is when you're stop to read this traffic signal while it's green.

Location: Germany
These signals attempt to learn you some sweet street crossing skills.

Location: Amsterdam
Look, even the bicyclists get traffic signals.

Location: Cambridge
Don't worry, be happy that you're getting ready to get stuck in traffic on your way home from a super long day at work. Kill it with fire. Now.

Location: Germany
Could the signal be any higher or any more distracting?

Location: Copenhagen
Damn bicyclists again. Can't they just learn to keep a sense of awareness when traveling on the streets?

Location: Italy
Silly Italians and your sexy-time designer traffic signals.

Location: Australia
How convenient that the Australians get a countdown clock letting them know how soon they can resume honning.

Location: Unknown
Mobile traffic signal? Damn the man and his sneaky ways.

Location: Japan
The Japanese borrowed the countdown idea from Oz and in typical Japanese fashion, made it impossible to actually understand, but it certainly looks cool.

Location: Unknown, but likely Jamaica
There's nothing like getting your smoke on while cruising in traffic. Great idea.

Location: London
Get. Out. It doesn't get much more confusing than this.