GM's sale of Hummer to the Chinese has drawn mixed reactions in the U.S. But little attention's been paid to the soon-to-be new owners. How do the Chinese feel about buying this military-inspired, Amerigasmic capitalist icon?

The fine folks at China Car Times hit the Chinese autoweb, the only place you're likely to hear honest and unfiltered opinions from average Chinese citizens, to gauge reaction to the purchase of Hummer by Sichuan Tengzhong.


Some of the opinions sound fairly similar to what many in the American auto-verse are saying about the value of the brand for a company no one has ever heard of:

— "This deal will most certainly loose(sic) money"
— "Hummer branding maybe worth 1 billion, but can it be made it back?"
— "What does China lack the most? Its not technology, its branding. Technology needs one generation, craftwork takes three generations, but branding takes generations of history to build."

Others take a different approach, mirroring typical American views of Chinese involvement in the U.S. economy:

— "So we've sent more money to the USA?"
— "Oh! Really sad! Why are other countries brands worth so much? Why do Chinese people like to buy in foreign goods? Look at history, which Chinese brands were successful?"

Our favorite reaction, though, comes from people who like to make fun of people from Sichuan and their spending habits:

— "What are you doing buying rubbish? Sichuan people have too much money."

Sichuan is considered the "province of abundance" with the rest of China viewing the province in the same way people in the rest of greater L.A. view Beverly Hills.

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